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Covid 19

Please ensure you read DI show requirements in relation to Covid 19 rules for competing. Link on DI web site:


Categories Explained

1. Mini-Trailblazers. This class is suitable for anyone starting out in dressage. Children under 10 who are registered with Dressage Ireland can compete in this category at winter and national finals in Cavan. They must have 3 scores of 63%+ in DI show to qualify. Cost to register is 80 and includes child, parent and horse/pony. Test for winters is DI IntroA.

2. Junior Trailblazers Preliminary. This class is suitable for children under 16 and is divided into two groups – under 12’s and 12-16 year old. Children who are registered with DI need 3 scores of 63%+ in DI show to qualify to compete in Winter Finals in Cavan. Cost to register is 80 and includes child, parent and horse/pony. Test for under 12’s is DIP4 and for 12-16 year olds is DIP5.

3. Children under 16 can move onto Novice Trailblazers. The test for winters is DIN23.

4. Senior Trailblazers for young people age 16-21 – they can compete at preliminary and Novice and their tests are the same as for juniors. The cost to register is 80 for rider, parent (if under 18) and horse/pony.

5. Sportsman Class - over 21 years of age. This class now goes from Preliminary to Medium level. Young people can move on from Trailblazers to Sportsman and it is suitable for unregistered riders and riders who do not want to put points up on their horse. The cost to register is 80 for rider and horse. No points are awarded.

6. Regular classes from Preliminary to Grand Prix. There are preliminary and novice divisions for Junior riders. Also, there are special pony classes at medium level and these can qualify children under 16 and their pony to compete internationally. Full membership of Dressage Ireland is required to partake in these classes. There are three categories at this level which are assigned according to the riding level of the rider. Category one is for riders who have never ridden above Novice, category two is for riders who have not ridden above medium level and category three is for riders who have ridden at Advanced Medium and above.

Dressage Tests

Dressage Tests

Copies of British Dressage tests may be purchased from the Dressage Ireland administration assistant (stocks allowing) or direct from British Dressage, Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire CV8 2RJ.

Individual tests can also be ordered and obtained immediately online from

Please Note: information about test changes from British Dressage.

Please note that British Dressage Ltd. tests are protected by copyright. Photocopying is not permitted. Legal action will be taken against offenders by British Dressage Ltd.